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We're bombarded with digital content on a daily basis. We're more exposed to advertising now than ever before. How do you compete?

Small Business Groups

Small business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals are able to compete with dominant brands in their market. Join my business marketing groups and let’s take you on a 3-month digital journey.

Keynote Speaker

As a keynote speaker I harness insight from my wealth of experience to offer businesses and market leaders an understanding of the digital revolution.

Corporate Consulting

I have guided corporate brands and managed national campaigns for more than ten years, let me come in and shift the paradigm to develop strategies and guide your teams as a consultant.

David de Waal


Massyn Media has done an excellent job for us in generating publicity and managing our social media platforms. I would highly recommend them - you will not be disappointed!

Richard Gray

Harcourts Africa CEO

Rudi has really helped us take our Communications initiatives to a whole new level. He has managed to position us as experts with clear and strong views. He has trained many Harcourts team members on how to get the most out of Social Media and the results speak for themselves. In addition, he has been highly instrumental in the success of our various digital marketing campaigns.

Jeff Wain

Managing Director

"Rudi Massyn has in a relatively short time assisted us to understand the power of marketing and branding by embracing technology creating a new dimension to our company and improving the profile we are trying to present to the market.

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